Cultivation Services - Roller Drilling

Roller Drill is used for sowing crops at a shallow depth. The air seeder does an excellent job at broad casting seed evenly. Excellent for sowing grass, swedes, kale etc.

The benefit of using a roller drill is to compact soil to retain moisture and also for seed to soil contact for germination.

Also, the roller is useful and efficient tool for rolling down Ploughed, Cultivated, Cloddy Ground.

We operate a Dalbo 630 Roller with hatzenbichler air seeder.

Key Benefits:

  • Levelling boards to achieve a level paddock
  • Covering harrows for better germination
  • Can sow wide array of crops e.g. Grass, Swedes, Lucerne, Kale, Chicory etc
  • Camera mounted inside seed bin ensures we don't run out of seed
  • Accurate calibration and sowing rates insure good results

Our Equipment:

  • Dalbo 630 Roller with hatzenbichler air seeder
  • 6m wide
  • Clod crushing rings