Cultivation Services - Grubbing

Primary pass rips up compacted and wet soil left over from winter crop get some air into soil and drain away excess water.

Does a great job at ripping up and mixing soil without making massive clods.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent in wet conditions
  • Vibraflex tyne shatters soil using vibration

This is the mighty new agrikit grubber. A huge 4.5m wide doing a amazing job as you can witness in the video.

In the video we are pulling the grubber 7" deep at 8 to 10kph.

You can see the awesome mixing action going on. Also it isn't bringing it up in huge chunks which means you end up doing less passes later on.

Our Equipment:

  • 4.5m wide
  • Packer rollers
  • Bellota tynes